About ARCHIMEDES Naval Architects

ARCHIMEDES Naval Architects was founded in 1994 and is based in Holland. The company was named after the Greek scientist Archimedes who lived from 287 to 212 B.C. and was of great importance to naval architecture.

ARCHIMEDES: Not much of real value was contributed by the ancients to mechanics or hydrostatics. The outstanding exception was the Greek scientist, Archimedes. He was born in Syracuse and was to die there when the city was captured by the Romans.

Archimedes will ever be known for his two fundamental contributions to science:

The Archimedean principle: "a body plunged in a fluid loses as much weight as is equal to the weight of an equal volume of the fluid."

Archimedes' Screw: An instrument for raising water, formed by winding a tube into the form of a screw around a long cylinder.

Incidently, it was Archimedes who said:
"If I would have a lever long enough and a point to stand upon, I could move the world"